Why We Created Verbally

Verbally was created for one person. An amazing woman named Nirmala Godhwani, my aunt. It was inspired by the loss of her voice to the devastating effects of ALS.

Nirmala was a singer and teacher of classical Indian music for over 40 years. Within a few short months of diagnosis, ALS completely took her voice, and with it, the ability to interact and connect with the ones she loved.

When my cousins, Anil and Gautam Godhwani, saw the impact that the loss of communication was having on their mother, they asked me to help them to research the available products. Our research revealed expensive options with lengthy wait-times for delivery. Because ALS is a degenerative disease, the delay was even more frustrating than the cost. Our aggravation grew as we started to use one of the products with Auntie and found it hard to learn, cumbersome, and unreliable.

Out of this frustration and fear of losing valuable time with someone we loved so dearly, some major decisions were made. I left my job, founded Intuary, and began working full-time toward designing and building my own solution for Auntie. That is how Verbally was created.


Sadly, the product’s development could not keep pace with the toll ALS was taking on Nirmala, and she passed away a month before Verbally was launched.

As a commitment to ensuring that others never have to suffer the same loss of connection to loved ones, we are committed to always offering a free version of Verbally. This aligns with Intuary’s mission: to empower users through intuitively designed apps that are affordable and widely accessible.

Looking Ahead

Verbally is already making a big impact in the day-to-day lives of many. We are committed to improving Verbally with future releases that will help make true conversation a reality for all those that have lost their voice.

We hope Verbally will give you a way to speak for yourself again… a way to reconnect with the ones you love. Easily. Expressively. Verbally.


Ajay Godhwani
CEO, Intuary