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Valerie Godhwani


5/17/2011 - Intuary Announces the Launch of Verbally

Verbally in the News

Business Week

"...makes it easy to express complex thoughts."
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"’s nice to see entrepreneurs innovating and trying to bring cheap, easy-to-use technology to the disabled."
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"Awarded GeekSLP Seal of Approval for Exceptional Quality and Functionality"

"One to support or be inspired by!"
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Technology in (SPL) Education

"Best and most cost effective (FREE) Word power app." Read more.

The Daily

"Intuary's Verbally App is a free way to communicate with others." Read more.


"This app is great for students that can read but need a voice." Read more.


"It has made an impressive start." Read more.

User Reviews

"I am blown away by this FREE app. It will offer so many a voice when they need it most!"

"VerballyApp by Intuary, Inc., is a free app on iTunes designed for conversation. It's a great app for SLPs, teachers, family who work/live with children and adult clients/patients who do not require picture cues. Core words and core phrases as well as manual input with text prediction can be tapped to speak. This app is like a basic, word/phrase-based DynaVox Mayer-Johnson device, but free."
Megan Bratti, MS, CCC-SLP

"This is the best AAC app for those with literacy skills that I've seen by far! The word and phrase feature are excellent, but the really wonderful thing , is that it can imports all your contact information and add those name and addresses to the word prediction set! Pure genius!"

"Verbally offers people who are losing their speech and still have good use of their hands a valuable tool to share ideas, needs, information, social closeness, and get their message across. I applaud Verbally for raising AAC awareness by providing a free mobile tech AAC app. …the word and sentence prediction features are smooth and will help build messages quickly and support sentence construction."
Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley, Communication Disability Centre, The University of Queensland, Australia

"My patients will love this app...typically similar speech and communication devices cost thousands of dollars. Patients will be able communicate without spending a fortune!"
Dr. NT

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