Features of Verbally

Word Grid

Provides easy access to the over 50 of the most commonly spoken words, saving you up to 50% of your keystrokes for each spoken sentence. Tap a word or phrase to place it in the text box.

Words & Phrases tabs

Switch the grid between words and phrases. On the phrases tab, you will have access to at least a dozen common phrases, which makes carrying on a conversation much easier.


Most likely next word. Tap a word to place it in the text box.


  • Voices: female and male voices
  • Keyboard: three keyboard layouts so that you can find the one that's best for you
  • Predictions: import the names, cities, and companies from your address book so that the predictions can work better for you

Text box

Speak button

Tap to speak the phrase in the text box.

Repeat button

Speak the previous phrase again.

Clear the text box

Delete last word

Play a chime tone

This is helpful when you want to get the attention of others or to interject in a conversation.

Speak each word as it is entered

This is a setting that you may find useful to turn on and off depending on your environment and audience.

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